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You really don’t need to give up on looking good or your individual style because now, more than ever, there are so many ways to cover up without compromising on your look.

Did you know that there are over 400 different “specialist” head scarves available? From scarves that you just pop on and go to wonderful lengths of fabric with cleverly created shapes to help disguise hair loss. From fabrics in current trends to classic colours MORE >



So with a little know how you really can disguise hair loss and look great with it. Above Jane looks fantastic in her wig. “It took me a while but you soon get used to it” says Jane.

A good start is to listen to other women tell you all about their experiences and ideas for stylish headwear. Jane says “When I wasn’t wearing my wig I wore a fake fringe in a headscarf – it did the trick“. Emma wore her wig to work and shares with you her experience MORE >



  • Black head scarf by Emma

  • Pink scarf & fake fringe by Sara

  • Sara I Did it my Way

  • Sara blue scarf step

Latest News

Grazia write an inspiring article of support for Cancer Hair Care.

 “You may or may not be aware that a whopping 100,000 ladies suffer from cancer-induced hair loss and regrowth every year in the UK.  With this is mind, it is perhaps surprising that Cancer Hair Care is the very first UK charity dedicated soley ... MORE >

You helped us raise over £1500 at our Wiggy Disco

Thank you to all who attended a great fundraising night on Friday 28th June. Over 120 of you turned out in your funky wigs. We are so delighted that so many of you who are hair free chose our disco to light up the ... MORE >

Talking Heads TV goes live on July 13th

Over 200 of you joined in our questionnaire. You have told us that you need support at home.  So we hope that these beautiful Step by Step videos made by ladies who have themselves lost their hair will offer you support and style options. ... MORE >

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